The Re: Mapping Project   |  Direction, location, place, neighbors, friends, enemies, relationships. Maps track our place on the planet, they record our collective history and create a visual narrative of cultural world changes. Reinventing reinterpreting and exploring the fundamental ideas that we get from a map is the basis for this body of work. What happens when countries of the word are rearranged? Why do some urban cities have subway system designs that reference their culture? By reinterpreting maps I am utilizing their familiar visual tools and icons in new and different ways to express ideas on technology, oil, transportation, connectivity and cultural narratives.

The map project was initiated in 2009, as an exploration and fascination with maps, in all their sizes, shapes and colors. I’ve allowed the project to flow freely, with many more ideas yet to bring to life; some sculptural, some large-scale 2 dimensional pieces and others to enhance  an existing series. Many of the narratives are developed from current events and news sources. The piece Medusa, was inspired by the technology junkyards in Africa and the amazing scavengers that live and work in these landscapes of burning, melting computer parts. What is the source of this junk? What kind of map could be created to express this idea? A sculptural idea in development involves using two-sided, flat, life-size human forms as a basis for mapping countries or regions in conflict. Are the two “sides” of the human form two completely different individuals involved in conflict, or are they truly one human, who happens to be born in two different places, and influenced by the borders created on our global map?

Maps also allow us to imagine. They can provide a window into a place we may visit in the future, or a place we may never go. But for that bit of time spent pondering a map, we can travel anywhere we desire.