Working title: Warriors

Mock-up shown.

Life size human silhouettes modeled on the form of firing range targets.

The project interprets various U.S.-involved wars during my adult life by combining mapping and the human form. The map, becomes a tool to explore these conflicts.

Each piece is double-sided, and presents an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted sides of conflict. Are the two “sides” of the human form different individuals, or are they fundamentally one person, born in two different places, influenced by borders created at the hand of worlds politics and articulated via global maps?

Materials: Wood and synthetic substrates. Surfaces include pencil, paint, collaged maps, prints, torn paper and spray paint.


Working title: Medusa II

Mock-up shown

Constructed sphere of computer cables and cords woven into a ball as a head dress.

This piece is the second of the Medusa series, inspired by the technology junkyards in Africa and the intrepid scavengers that live and work in these landscapes of burning, melting computer parts. What is the source of this junk? How far has it traveled? The sphere has source references intertwined and attached. Become the scavenger, carry the weight.

Installation and Materials: The sphere is hung from a cord that adjusts the height to accommodate different people. A mirror is installed to reveal their new image. The sphere is constructed from computer cables, computer power cords, tie downs, paper tags, and  map collages.


Working title: Occupy

Mock-up shown

Derived from the Occupy movement, the piece explores the concept of small sites or “worlds” interconnected through technology. What kind of power does this yield? Does shared knowledge help worlds align?

Small format globes laid out on the floor, loosely resembling a U.S. map, interconnected by illuminated fiber optics.

 Materials: Small globes, acrylic, spray paint, collage, fiber optics.